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Super White Nano Crystallized Glass For Kitchen Countertop

Super White Nano Crystallized Glass For Kitchen Countertop
Price  30-100 USD
Size  300x160cm
MOQ  100 SQM

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Nanoglass countertop also named Super White Nanoglass Crystallized Stone Vanity Tops Crystal Glass Panel Vanitytop, High Quality Nanoglass Vanity Tops,Stone Vanitytop,Island Benchtops.


As the new green artificial stone, Crystallized Glass Stone is a kind of artificial marble made by twice melt & Crystallization under thousands of temperature for more than 13 hours, which is like the formation of natural granite. Though quartz sand takes up around 30% of the whole raw material, it is different from Caesar Stone as no bonding agent like polymer resin is needed to solidify the slab. Compared with Natural marble, little maintenance is needed for Crystallized Glass. Crystal White CG is widely known as Glassos and Super Thassos Glass in America. The name Marmoglass, Micro crystal are widely used all over the world to name all kinds of Crystallized Glass. China Marmoglass Co.,Limited is the direct manufacture and exporter for all kinds of cyrstallized white glass, we have produce crytallized white marmoglass and also nanoglass.

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It is widely used for Wall cladding, Floor, Counter top, Column and Stair.

Features of Crystallized Glass:
1. No sealing needed-No natural crack or fissure zero water absorption.
2. Heat & Coldness nonsensitive-No bonding agent like resin needed. 
2. Strong Hardness-High density natural cracks. 
3. Zero water absorption-Closely interlocked crystals not absorbent.
4. Good weather durability-Fadeless; Acid and alkali resistant; Scratch and stain resistant. 
5. Glistening luster -Striking visual effect. 
6. Non radioactive, non toxic-High temperature heating; Non toxic materials.

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