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Glass Stone Slab 300x160CM

Glass Stone Slab 300x160CM
Price  30-100 USD
Size  300x160cm
MOQ  100 M2
Crystallized Nano Glass Stone Slabs
As a form of man-made stone,Nano Glass  is made of crude minerals,by calendering processed under high temperature.It's a very mature healthy environmental product that's been around 15 years in China. The major colour is Super White,specular gloss over 95 degrees. It's an ideal architectural decoration material for the global market.
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Slab Sizes:
280/300 x 120/150/160 x 18mm
Tile Size:
300x600x10mm 12"x24"x1/2" 
600x600x10mm 24"x24"x1/2" 
300x600x18mm 12"x24"x3/4" 
600x600x18mm 24"x24"x3/4" 
800x800x18mm 32"x32"x3/4" 
900x900x18mm 36"x36"x3/4" 
1000x1000x18mm 40"x40"x3/4" 
1200x1200x18mm 48"x48"x3/4" 


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