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Nanoglass Wood Grey Vein

Nanoglass Wood Grey Vein
Price  30-100 USD
Size  300x160cm
MOQ  100 SQM

Nanoglass Wood Grey Vein, Grey Nano Glass: Find Out Your Desired Grey Nano Glass with High Quality at Low Price. 

Grey Wooden Nano Marble Slab size:
Grey Wooden Nano Marble Specification board size:
Grey Wooden Nano Marble thickness:
As a form of man-made stone,Nano Glass  is made of crude minerals,by calendering processed under high temperature.
It's a very mature healthy environmental product that's been around 15 years in China.
The major colour is Super White,specular gloss over 95 degrees. It's an ideal architectural decoration material for the global market.
Nanoglass crystallized glass panel has similar material with glass, but stronger than glass. It can be pure white like snow, also can be designed into wooden vein grey color. Nanoglass is commonly used for interior flooring tiles, wall tiles, counter top or vanity top, or pillar covering arch after being bent. Brazil has a great demand of nanoglass. It has nice quality with good prices.
Grey Wooden Nano Marble,Nano Granite- Crystallized Glass are very popular in architectural renovations. Grey wooden nano marble is your good choice,grey nano marble detail, image, project.
Wooden Vein Nano Crystallized Glass Panel For Interior Flooring Tiles
Nano Crystallized Stone, Artificial Grey Wooden Vein Marble Big Slabs
Wooden vein nano crystallized glass slabs, new nano glass panels,new glass marble
Nano Crystallized Stone Advantages:
1. Compact structure: Molecular microcrystalline particle size of the super nanoglass from mr tang reaches the nanometer level. Fibrous crystal molecular structure makes it excellent material for processing such as round cutting, drilling, carving, 45°cutting and other edge design processing to users’ requirement.
2. Easy-to-cut: Cutting can be done at the construction site by the bridge cutting machine and portable cutting machine.
3. High hardness: The hardness Mohs of the surface reaches at Level 7.
4. High compressive strength,high tensile strength. No white off, no deformation and no crack even it is exposed to the sunlight. The special feature makes it widely used in the floor laying.
5. Low expansion coefficient: Super nanoglass by chinananoglass can bear the temperature range from -18°C to 1000°C with no influence on the structure, color and shape.
6. Corrosion resistance and acid & alkali resistance, and color will not fade off and strength stays same after a long period of time.
7. No water and dirt absorption. It is easy and convenient to be cleaned.
8. Non-radioactive, environmental friendly and reusable.
Wall cladding, floor covering, stairs, countertops, vanity-tops.
Big Slabs in wooden bundles, cut-to-size tiles in wooden crates.
Quality control:
We have a quality control team, those have worked in China Marmoglass Co.,Limited for many years, and our QC check pieces by pieces strictly before packing.
Payment Terms:
30% advance + 70% T/T against B/L Copy, or L/C at sight.
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