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White Wood Nano Glass Slab Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

White Wood Nano Glass Slab Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters
Price  30-100 USD
Size  300x160cm
MOQ  100 SQM


White Wood Nano Glass Slab Manufacturers,Suppliers and Exporters.

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China White Wood Nano Glass Marmoglass Slab Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters - Factory Wholesale -

Searching for customized white wood Nanoglass marmoglass slab from professional Marmoglass manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and distributor in China here on Wholesale quality products at low price from our factory.

White Wood Nanoglass Marmoglass Slab

It is made of the material of Micro Crystal Stone. It looks like natural marble,Imitation wood grain by xiamentang and its application is the same as natural granite. Can be cut with the tools used for natural granite, without any crack and chip. It is the most materials for countertops. What's more, the wall tile is very easy to clean,so it is very suitale to paste in the kitchin. It will refreash the kitchin, when we clean them.

Type: Others

Color: White

Material Origin:  China by chinananoglass

Supply Ability:100000m2

Min. Order: 100 (Square Meters)



Length (2400-3000mm) * Width (1200-1800mm) * Thickness (12-30mm)


600*600mm, 800*800mm, 1000*1000mm and etc


Advantages of Nano Marmoglass:

 1. Compact structure:

Molecular microcrystalline particle size of the super nanoglass reaches the nanometer level. Fibrous crystal molecular structure makes it excellent material for processing such as round cutting, drilling, carving, 45°cutting and other edge design processing to users’ requirement.

2. Easy-to-cut: Cutting can be done at the construction site by the bridge cutting machine and portable cutting machine.

3. High hardness: The hardness Mohs of the surface reaches at Level  High compressive strength, high tensile strength. No white off, no deformation and no crack even it is exposed to the sunlight. The special feature makes it widely used in the floor laying.

 4. Low expansion coefficient: Super nanoglass can bear the temperature range from

-18C to 1000C with no influence on the structure, color and shape.



Used in the decorative building as the floor, exterior and interior wall, column, kitchen countertop, ken tnag countertops, tabletop, stair railing, skirting, hospital laboratory work bench, various handicrafts and others.

Packaging Detail: Wooden crates with fumigation

Delivery Detail: 15 days after order confirmation

Shipment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C

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Subject:White Wood Nano Glass Slab Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters
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