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Nanoglass 90 Degree Edge Laminated
Price  100 USD/M2
Size  280X150X3CM
MOQ  100 M2

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Name: Nano Crystallized Glass, Nanoglass NANO2011
Application:Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
Edge finishing: Eased,full bullnose,double bullnose,beveled,ect
Polished degree: 90 degree or customer's requirement
Thickness tolerance: +/-1 mm
Quality: All products checked by experienced QC and then pack
Relevant product: vanity top,kitchen cabinet,porcelain sink,wash basin,ect

we have polished, honed, sandblast, busharmered finishing way for marmogalss and nanoglass.
We can make bullnose, easd, laminated edge and so on.
For more, pls feel free to contact me.
1. Interior & external wall cladding
2. Flooring
3. Basin, countertop, table
4. Kitchen, anytops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.

 It is a complex solid material which contains an abundance of mini-crystal and vitreous body by controlling crystallization while heating the basic glass and various other components. This is followed by the process of sintering and annealing under a temperature of 1500 degrees celcius for a full 24 hours.
This results in a material that is extremely tough and resistant to weathering. Being a glass-based material, the crystallized Stone is non- porous, and non-reactive to acid and alkali solutions. As it is formed under such high temperature, the crystallized Stone is also stable under high ambient temperature fluctuation. All of which makes the crystallized Stone ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Also, its obvious advantage is pure color and without air holes inside or at surface. It is nanometer structured and is real SOLID. Moreover, it can be repolished after installed. Which completely solves the problems appear in normal crystallized glass. So it is suitable for interior & external wall cladding, flooring, kinds of tops, column or pillar. It can be made into sculptures also.

1.Bigger and more profit : nanoglass is still the newest high-tech and high-grade decoration materials in the luxury decoration architectural world., and cause its excellent functions with better advantages of physics and chemistry than natural stone slabs. It became more and more popular .
2.Brightness , healthy and easily life : As a user the nanoglass will make your life more and more brightness (over 90 degree high glossiness but gentle to eye) , healthy (Non-toxic materials ,no radiation exit) and easily (zero water absorption , High resistance to staining, acid and alkali, will save you much more time and money to clean and maintance )
3.A widely use. nanoglass can be widely use in the interior or externawall tile , floor tile ,wall cladding , counter top, vainty topand ,table top , water basin ,column, pillar and arc panel.also. The Nano crystallized Glass Panel (nano glass) not only has all advantages of the no pore crystallized glass Stone without air pore, but also avoid the problems of easy breakage in cutting and use existing cause for its Nano molecular structure. This new product becomes the true stone, which is harder in texture and better in quality. It is more pure white in color, higher in strength, harder in hardness and fargoing in use. Besides, it has no chip, crack and breakage in the processing, which is a good product for you to choose and promote.

NANOGLASS feature:
01.Unique in superior whiteness, brilliant radiance
02.Densely structured with no porous, zero water absorption, no ink, tea ,cosmetics can penetrate.
03.Environmental friendly, able to be in direct contact with food
04.Superior strength in surface, toughest 05.Everlasting brilliance with superior erosion resistance and weather resistance, either at interior or exterior applications.
06.Marble-like beauty with no chromatism
07.High temperature resistant, heat shock resistant,Anti-bending, anti-pressure, anti-shocking, wear resistant,perfect for kitchen counter tops, table tops, dinner table tops .
08.well processible.

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