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Nanoglass Marmoglass Stone Step Riser Stair
Price  60 USD/M2
Size  Show Details of White nano glass stair
MOQ  China White NanoGlass stair

Nanoglass Marmoglass Stone Step Riser Stair
China Manufacturer for White nano glass stair,Show Details of White nano glass stair- Marmoglass stair tread,riser,skirting,step
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Nano Marble Nanoglass is the new generation of Crystallized Glass Panel. With the combination of the Nano material with the natural stone, after the thermostatic hardening, polishing and smoothing, the stone material is produced in much higher density and gloss. The super Nanoglass is of granite material feature and marble’s gloss. Non-radioactive and environmental friendly, it becomes a new and reusable decorative building material. Super Nano is the newest nano crystallized glass panel, it improve the cutting performance and hardness based on the Marmoglass No Hole GS001 and SuperNano has high reputation among the global market with the stone-like quality.

Nanoglass (NANO2011) is Widely be used for Step Riser Stair and kitchen, bathroom, dining table, wall cladding, ceiling, even column, lamps and doors. Etc
Here you can find the manufacturer of Nanoglass column,Show Details of Nanoglass column and crystallized nano glass Column detail.

CHINA MARMOGLASS CO.,LIMITED is the direct and leading manufacturer for Crystallized MarmoGlass and NanoGlass products in southeast of China, we have specialized in manufacturing crystallized glass stone since 2000.We have all types of crystallized Marmoglass E Nanoglass series from thickness 6mm to 35mm ( Marmoglass, Marmoglass, Nanoglass - NANO2009/NANO2011, Mincrystallized Glass Stone).the company has more than 10 years' production strength and established good business relationship with customers from Brazil, Portugal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Italy, UK, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Angola, Bahrain and so on.

Feature of this material:
1. Green environment protection
2. Higher Physical Stability
3. Fine-textured & Glossy Appearance
4. Rich Colors & Wide Applicatione
5. Excellent Chemical Stability
6. Stain-resistance & Easy Maintenance

Nanoglass Application:
1). Interior & external wall cladding
2). Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding
3). Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar
4). bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.

China Nanoglass Slab Size

China Nanoglass Tile Size:
300x600x12mm 12"x24"x1/2"
600x600x12mm 24"x24"x1/2"
300x600x18mm 12"x24"x3/4"
600x600x18mm 24"x24"x3/4"
800x800x18mm 32"x32"x3/4"
900x900x18mm 36"x36"x3/4"
1000x1000x18mm 40"x40"x3/4"
1200x1200x18mm 48"x48"x3/4"
2460x1240x18mm 96"x48"x3/4"
2860x1340x18mm 110"x52"x3/4"
3060x1340x18mm 120"x52"x3/4"
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