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Nano White Tile

Nano White Tile
Price  40-100USD
Size  600x600mm,800x800mm
MOQ  100 M2
Buy Marnoglass or Nano glass in white color from
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We supply Nanoglass & Marmoglass white tiles.
Size: slabs 2cm, slabs 3cm, 60x30x2cm, 60*60*20mm or as demanding
Materials: Crystalized glass.
Origin: China
Surface processing avaiable: polishing, honed, sandblast
Scratch and stain resistant
Heat resistant
Hard and durable
We also cut tiles size at thickness 1.2cm,1.8cm,3.0cm
- 60 x 60 cm
- 60 x 40 cm
- 80 x 80 cm
- 80 x 40 cm
- 100 x 100 cm
- 120 x 120 cm
- 120 x 60 cm
- 140 x 140 cm
so now please see our slab size and thickness have of Nanoglass - NANO3:
- 286 x 154 x 1.8 CM
- 286 x 164 x 1.8 CM
- 306 x 154 x 1.8 CM
- 306 x 164 x 1.8 CM
- 306 x 184 x 1.8 CM
Marmoglass and Nanoglass finishes that replicate the texture of thin-walled and brick, rocks, mainly used for decoration of architectural elements - windows, plinths, columns, and for exterior decoration of buildings, fences, arbors. However, the scope of artificial stone is not confined to the outer surface. Artificial stone gives a unique and original form, not only the exterior, but interior of the restaurant, hotel, shopping center, bar, billiard room, as well as the interior of a country house and an apartment. living room wall stone Modern artificial stone has a high strength, durability and heat resistance, which makes it ideal to use in the design space, completely different from its functional purpose. modern stone fireplace In general, the use of artificial stone in the interior of a modern house is actually in the kitchen. Artificial stone countertops cut different shapes Stones panel cabinets and walls, including the window sill in the overall design of the kitchen facilities, make interesting variations cover bar. Finishing artificial stone does not restrict your imagination to create an exclusive design kitchen. Cast a kitchen in one color, in particular – countertops, sinks and wall panels will give the kitchen a room attractive appearance. This design will allow for cleaning the working surface quickly and comfortably.
China Marmoglass is artifical quartz and crystallized stone products, could use it to make: slab, tile, step, stairs, treads, riser, countertop, kitchen top, vanity top, border, plinth, threshold, baluster, railing, balustrade, pillar, column, widowsill, door frame, sculpture, stone sink and basin, fountain, bathtub, kerb stone, cube stone, paver, blind stone, palisade, parking stone, mushroom stone, pier caps&quoins, shower tray. China Marmoglass GS001, China Marmoglass SN002, Nanoglass NANO3,is widely applied for hotel, viall, residential houses, mansion, apartment, hospital, school, restaurant, trainstation, airport, office building, shopping mall, street, square, garden ect. 
It is perfect for interior and exterior floor paver and wall cladding vaneer, interior and exterior floor paving and wall cladding vaneer, aisle, hallway, corridor, porch, stair and step, kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, baluster, railing, balustrade, garden, footpath and so on. 
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