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Pure White Crystallized Glass Panel is one of the most popular product, because pure white is the particular color of crystallized glass panel that no natural stone can replace. It is made of quartz, which should be burned in the oven for two days under the more than 1000 temperature.
Product Name: White Crystallized Glass Marmoglass slabs, China Crystallized White Marmoglass Slab, Xiamentang, Marmoglass, Glassos, Crystal White
Feature of this material: 
1. Environmentally friendly and Non-Radioactivity 
2. Abrasion and Heat Resistance 
3. Dirt Resistance and Easy Cleaning 
4. Sunshine Resistance and Aging Proof 
5. Acid and Alkali Erosion Proof 
6. Zero Water Absorption and Impermeable 
7. Rich Colors & Wide Application 
8. Bent Configurations Available
China Nanoglass from Tang Application: 
1. Interior & external wall cladding 
2. Flooring 
3. Countertop, Table 
4. Kitchen, anytops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc
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