Crystallized nano glass panel
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Crystallized nano glass panel also called Nanocrystal Stone Panel, Tang Nanoglass, Nano Crystallized Glass Panel, Nano Crystallized Glass Slab, Nano Crystallized Glass Panel, Nanocrystal Stone Panel, Crystal Stone Panel
Crystallized nano glass panel Advantage
– Unique in superior whiteness, brilliant radiance
– Densely structured with no porous, zero water absorption, no ink, tea ,cosmetics can penetrate, easy to clean by using water to keep it clean as new.
– Environmental friendly, able to be in direct contact with food
– Superior strength in surface
– Everlasting brilliance with superior erosion resistance and weather resistance, either at interior or exterior applications.
– Marble-like beauty with no chromatism , the peculiar production techniques guarantee a consistent over 10000 square meters production with no chromatism. 
– High temperature resistant, heat shock resistant, inner structure will not be affected, shape and color keeping same, with over 1000’C temperature,. 
– Anti-bending, anti-pressure, anti-shocking, wear resistant, low coefficient at linear heat expansion, perfect for kitchen counter tops, chafing dish table tops, dinner table tops
– Well processible, be able to cut with automatic cutter, portable cutter, either at factory or on site, be able to make beaded edges, carving like natural stone
Crystallized nano glass panel Size
* no porous
* easy to cut
* allows execution of finishing edges and frames to perfection
* surface more solid, homogenous and compact.
Product Origin: China
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Minimum Order: 100 Square Meter
Production Capacity: 120,000 Square//Meter Month
Delivery Time: 15 days
Because of its best qualtiy and competitive price, We believe it will have a good advantage in the market.
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