Crystallzied Glass Anti-Slip, Marmoglass Anti-Slip
Author:Crystallzied Glass Anti-Slip, Marmoglass Anti-Slip   2017-10-16 21:40:46

Crystallzied Glass Anti-Slip, Marmoglass Anti-Slip

Type: Tiles 
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: China Marmoglass
Usage: Interior Tiles  
Function: Acid-Resistant, Non-Slip  
Surface Treatment: Polished Tiles  
Color Family: Grays, Whites, Yellows / Golds  
Tile Type: Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles  
Material: crystallized glass  
Usage: Floor, countertop  
Stone Name: white crystallized glass panel 
Feature: Polished  Shape: Square  
Special Features: Super White  
Material Feature: no water absorption  
Thickness: 12mm,15mm,18mm,20mm etc  
Style: artificial crystallized glass panel  
Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: wooden case,seaworthy wooden crate,or as per client demand 
white crystallized glass panel,color is pure white and stable,as artificial stone,it can keep same's suitable for floor
1.model no: GS001, SN002
2.product name:white crystallized glass panel
3.brand name:China Marmoglass
4.material:crystallized glass of original:china
6.color:super white and shine,no any color different.
8.surface finish:polished finish
9.applications:wall-cladding,floor,step,countertop,slab etc ability:60,000m2/month time:within 10 days after order confirmed
12.dimension:12x12x3/8",18x18x1/2",24x24x3/4"   240x120cm ,240x130cm,240x140cm,260x120cm,260x130cm,260x140cm,280x120cm,280x130cm,
thickness 8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,20mm and 30mm
13.packing:wooden case,seaworthy wooden crate.
14.crystallized glass qualification:
Cleaness and maintenance
1.daily cleaning 
You can clean it by water and cleanser such as soap water with scratch
Keep the crystallized glass flooring clean all the time, have to clean the dust and sand grain in order not to wear and tear the surface. When scratch come forth, you can daub little toothpaste on the scratched, then lightly wipe again and again, the scratch will disappear. If waxed, crystallized glass stone can glossing like new. with special infectants 
Infected by below infectants, you can wipe with a soft cloth and clean by water, also you can use below cleansers. 
type of infectants               cleanser
Tea, coffee  ice cream, fat      NaOH.KHCO3 watery alkalic liquid
Sediment,ink, rust, ash slurry   HCL.HNO3.H2SO4 watery acidic liquid,oxalic acid best for ink
Oil paint,drawing pen          oil of turpentine, acet
Sauce, wax, carbon powder  acidic or alkalic liquid
Watery mud          linseed oil 
rystallized glass stone is a unique and environmentally friendly building material. It is an perfect alternative to stone for commercial and residential applications such as exterior and interior walls, interior floors, counters and table tops. crystallized glass stone have a marble-like smooth, non-porous surface, and it is available in large, flat or curved panels. Stronger than marble or granite, it may be used in thinner and lighter configurations, and is nearly graffiti proof.
China Marmoglass Co..Limited is well positioned to offer cut-to-size and manufacture for all types of commercial and residential marmoglass applications as well as other building materials with a vast selection to meet your project needs:
Natural and man-made stone: granite tiles and slabs, marble slabs, floor and wall tiles, granite floor tiles, marble floor tile, mosaic marble tile, onyx tile, travertine floor tiles, tumbled travertine, limestone slab, limestone tiles, slate floor tiles, slate wall tiles, composite marble, quartz tiles, sandstone tiles, floor medallions, stone medallion, marble medallions, marble fireplaces, marble fireplace, natural stone paving, limestone pavers, stone wall cladding, stone statue, stone carving, artificial marble, engineered stone, quartz stone, crystallized glass stone.   
Crystallized Glass wall
Super Thassos Glass Tops
Crystallized Glass stair
Crystallized glass column, water jet, mosaic.
Marmoglass Crystallized Glass Slab        
Marmoglass Crystallized Glass Tile 
Marmoglass Crystallized Glass  Counter Top    
Marmoglass Crystallized Glass  Column
Marmoglass Crystallized Glass  Stair
Marmoglass Crystallized Glass  Mosaic
Marmoglass Crystallized Glass
Gallery Crystallized Glass floor


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