White Glass Thasos Tile, neoparies   2019-7-9 20:30:21

White Glass Thasos Tile, neoparies
White Glass Thasos Tile
neoparies, stone glass x marmoglass
China Marmoglass from mr Tang, also known as Crystallized Glass Stone, is a kind of material made under high temperature though the process of sintering and crystallization, which is just similar to the conditions for the natural granite. This material is produced by chosen non-metal material, melted in 1500 degree Celsius, and burn 36 hours in 1100 degree Celsius. It has better function than normal glass, ceramic, stone and marble. It also has better performance in respects of mechanical strength, anti-wearing, corrosion resistance, electricity isolation and temperature resistance. Compared with granite and marble, it has a better acid and alkali resistance. It is with soft natural white color, texture clean, hazy translucent, non-radiation, high hardness, non-absorption of water and dust, non-acid, non-weathering, high-glossy, non-pin-air holes. With so many advantages, This material can be applied in decoration for inside and outside surfacing application such as walls, flooring, round pillars, countertops, desktops, tabletops, island tops, shower surrounds and etc.
Feature of this material Marmoglass:
1. Green environment protection
2. Higher Physical Stability
3. Fine-textured & Glossy Appearance
4. Rich Colors & Wide Applicatione
5. Excellent Chemical Stability
6. Stain-resistance & Easy Maintenance
Thickness: 10-30 mm Tang Marmoglass:
Size: 2400*1200, 2400*1600, 3000*1300, 3000*1800
1. Interior & external wall cladding
2. Flooring
3. Basin, Countertop, Table
4. Kitchen, anytops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.
– Payment : T/T or L/C
– Delivery : 10 days
– Origin : Xiamen, China
– Minimum Order : 200 m2
0086 13950111631
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